Winter Or Summer, These Sustainable Fits Will Save You!

Summer has barely just begun, yet the cold is starting to kick in, especially in cold regions like Australia. But, hang on, because we're not putting our sundresses and denim cut-offs away just yet. Rather, we're determined to wear our summer attire in the winter. Who says that style is limited to weather changes? It's layering season, not cuffing season.

So, if you spent a couple of paychecks on this summer's outfit, let us remind you that 'reduce, reuse, recycle' goes a long way. There may not be many opportunities to go out this year, and there may not be many events for which you will need to dress up. Plus, when you aren't participating in the typical social activities, winter can be very dreary.

So, why not bring some summer feelings into the winter months by styling your summer clothes? Here are some of our tips to re-wear your summer clothing during the cold season along with a few cute outfit recommendations to go with it!

  1. Accessorizing with all tan items (faux fur, coat, etc)
  2. Wear long sleeves underneath your dresses
  3. Stock on boots and modest gloves
  4. It’s time to put out leathers
  5. Invest in an oversized blazer or sweater
  6. Layer as much as possible, it’s fashionable!


Apply these steps and check out our summer outfits for you to embezzle into winter with!

Stella Set 

Dalila Top 

Maya Tied Midi Skirt 

Ava High Waisted Pants 



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