You Could Be TWICE: Resort Wears That Matches The K-Pop Style

When we think of resort wear, the first thing that pops into our head is the beach. The way ocean waves sweep you off your feet, the colour of sand complementing your outfit - and most importantly, coconuts! Sustainability and the power of ethics have brought us into a fashion line so natural that brands are trying their best to give back to nature over that concept.

There have been a massive upscale in tropical-themed songs which sets and outfits scream vacations. A popular example you might have heard of is through JYP's girl group, Twice. Their songs are light and familiar; one that could cheer you up in a click. So much more is left to explore, but let us help you pick by showing how your favourite K-Pop girl group looks in it.

Two of their songs you might have heard of are titled 'Alcohol Free' and ‘Dance The Night Away’. That's right, a summery love song that easily hit hundreds of millions of views on Youtube. Now, if you look closely at their stage set-up, you'll notice a few resort and summer wears that they cut and sew to match the overall concept. This is a common process in K-Pop, and that's why we'd like you to try and boost your creativity too!


Some of our picks would be the Lora Slip Dress, Dalila Top, Thea Top, Pleated Pants, and literally almost everything in our summer collection. Style your hair in an up bun or beach waves, and it will definitely feel like you travelled into their music video realm.

If you’re convinced, the ultimate winning proponent is one of our eco-friendly fabric sources, TENCEL™. With it being made of wood fibre, the feeling you'll get when you know that by wearing it, no additional harm would be caused to the environment is irreplaceable.

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