A Dress To Slip On–An Element To Stay Simple

We all crave simplicity. Of course, there has to be a day to look extravaganza, but many can’t deny that simplicity has become an essential lifestyle.

Going for an effortless look, as an easy style to maintain, gives you less time to spend on what to mix and match. Well, consistency builds who you are. To manifest in this lifestyle, the goal to pursue is to find peace and joy in life. Fashion-wise, this means dressing up with something light, delicate, and complicated, without losing the true meaning of who you are. Enacting such an effortless look would reflect a laid-back and more easy-going personality. 

Dresses clearly play a role in minimizing your look. By putting less of layers on your figure, no time would be wasted on matching tops and bottoms anymore. Choosing more practical outfits like dresses is an absolute solution for you, especially for women who don't always have much time to get ready. Slip on these dresses and create your own form of simplicity!

  1. Ines Midi Dress

This summer is a perfect time to go out and enjoy the breeze! Our Ines Midi Dress is the most wanted for the perfect cut-out detailing on the front.


    2. Gala Dress

Accentuate your look with this astounding dress that meets every standard to wear on any meaningful occasion. Sweep everyone off their feet without looking overwhelming. It’s like a whole Met Gala red carpet made only for you, anyway!



   3.Lora Slip Dress


A minimalist look with maximum comfort! The Lora Slip Dress is made to be minimal and easy to wear, a perfect fit for your effortless look. Exclusively made with a sustainable material, the TENCEL ™, this dress is an absolute choice. 



   4.Kai Set in White 

Not too simple! Play with one more item to complete your look because our Kai Set in White comes with outer and dress. Staying simple can't be an excuse to catch a cold on a chilly, breezy summer night, so the cropped outer couldn’t be more perfect for a cover-up. Also available in Brown.



PRLA Gives Back

As a collaboration with LindungiHutan to protect the forest, every purchase of one item means donating two mangrove trees to plant in Benoa Bay, Bali. Join the movement and check out your cart now!

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