Cute, Sustainable Attire To Cool Off Your Summer Days

When the time comes to say you’re up for summer, it means you’re ready to cope with the heat. Don’t let the heatwave halts the fun, and keep your party days going! However, for some of us, the heat can cause an inconvenience–sweat. 

All you wanted was to go out and have fun in dry, clean, and good condition. But 100-degree weather with 90 percent humidity? It would be hard to stay 100 percent dry until half of the day. Outdoor activities in the summer heat could be struggling, but let us show you how to slay this summer without getting clammy.

The ultimate key is natural, breathable fabrics. 100% cotton and linen fabrics are the answer to your concerns. Natural fabrics breathe a million times better than rayon or poly blends, and, no doubt, they bring you comfort. Breathable attire like dresses is more functional than you think. The simplicity point gives you an effortless look, like our Roma Dress

The cutout detail on the front will give your body skin some space to breathe, and it’s an utterly wanted look for summer! Also, the sleeveless part plays a role in keeping you away from being sweaty.

Nowadays, there's this tendency to get dressed in easy outfits. Sets don’t require much time to put together, and they could be one of the most efficient looks to flaunt. Our sets collection comes from linen, putting maximum comfort and sustainable standard a priority–a fair enough reason why you should choose them.

Take a look at our Femi Set. The cropped top puts an elegant look on you, along with the strap detail that goes over the neck, undeniably being a highlight! 

Put the word ‘gorgeous’ on your body with our Rumi Set. The ruched tube top and the midi dress come from 100% linen, bringing you away from humid, sticky situations as there is more room to breathe.

The Dani Set could never be more flawless. Of course, the puffed sleeves will forever be the perfect detail to flatter everyone in the room. And take notes on the midi skirt as well. The way it sways along with the wind will make every jaw drop. This linen set is also up to the criteria for more sweat-free looks!

PRLA Gives Back

To support a sustainable nature, we are collaborating with LindungiHutan (protect the forest). Only this month, purchasing an item means donating two mangrove trees to plant in Benoa Bay, Bali. Join the movement and go check out your cart now!

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