Adorable Fun Fact To Know On International Cat Day–The ‘Catwalk’ Term

International cat day is a special moment to celebrate our furry companion’s existence. Most paw parents spend the day hanging around their little panthers–no more going off to work for the day. More treats are given, along with tummy rubs and some cuddles!

This very special day could also be a chance for you to learn more facts about your pet! Cats are one of the most common pets. Many pet lovers are in love with cats for their intriguing personalities. They are curious, adventurous, independent, and amazing pets to share a life with. Do you know that cats also impact our mental health as human beings? A recent study found that petting cats (or dogs) for 10 minutes decreased the amount of a stress hormone called cortisol in our saliva. 

Another fun fact–about cats–that relates to the fashion globe is a term called catwalk. Catwalk means ‘walking like a cat’, derived from the way female models walk. A catwalk, or a runway, also means a long, narrow stage used in a fashion show by models. The narrowness and the height spotlight the appearance and movements of the models.

A catwalk is a significant part of the fashion world. In fashion shows, designers and brands are striving against one another to give their collections an outstanding stage. They build runways in unique and remarkable ways that shock thousands or perhaps millions of minds. These concepts often allure people to explore deeper into the fashion world.

“When I first started modeling, as I was walking down the catwalk I just thought, ‘Please don’t fall over, please don’t fall over, please don’t fall over!'” – Agyness Deyn

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