From V-Neck To Collared, Here Are A Few Semi-Formal Party Attires

It's hard enough to get dressed for a large occasion without being concerned about following the dress code. So, it's normal to be anxious when you open that invitation and see the word "semi-formal" staring back at you. In fact, the semi-formal dress code is arguably one of the most difficult and ambiguous ones yet to crack.

According to many people, semi-formal apparel is dressier than what you'd wear to work but not as formal as an evening gown or tuxedo. Weddings, holiday gatherings, graduations, and good restaurants generally require semi-formal attire. It typically includes button-down shirts or blouses, jumpsuits, and more; while its colour palette goes according to your mood other than the usual earthy and nude tones.
It all comes down to where you're going and whether you need to dress up or down. There are plenty of sustainable items that are made to last you many uses!

Ines Midi Dress

A dress can go to the knee or lower, but it shouldn't touch the ground if you're intending on wearing one. This is the golden rule for semi-formal attire.

Gemma Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are typically associated with joyful, carefree attire. They can, however, err toward the semi-formal if properly managed.

Adel Top in White

Who says that formal dresses should always be feminine? Here, we present you an even more comfortable choice that’s still formal through its collar but carries a calmer knit nature.

To top it all off, add a pair or two of your fancy jewelleries to make your appearance even counted!

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