Time To Relax And Unwind With Our Cosy Linen Wear

For thousands of years, linen fabric has dominated the textile world, beginning with lower-class everyday clothing, particularly undergarments, and progressing to the upper class, monarchs, noblemen, and women of ancient society, such as priests, pharaohs, and royalties from various civilizations and cultures. Son de flor says that linen has been in usage and fashion since then, adjusting to time, change, and invention.

The reason for their appeal is that they are usually constructed of natural fibres and have properties like excellent absorbency and breathability that make them ideal for clothing – or even bedding. Similarly, it permits more airflow into your body, allowing your linen items to breathe, feel airy, and comfortable to wear. It's like wearing a natural ventilator!

So, we will take you through a lightweight journey through our collection of natural linen wear for you to bump up your September!

Rumi Set 

What with its ruffles and everything, you must feel relieved as soon as you look at it. One of our most loved products, the Rumi Set, consists of a tube top and maxi skirt with colour matching the earth tones. Not just by itself, you can even alter the top and bottom separately to create a more sustainable use of this look.

Kaio Top

Next up, we have something that might look polished and warm, but is actually made of the same construction as before! Introducing you, the chic girl material, Kaio Top! It is a long-sleeved crop top with a huge opening on the shoulders below to create an effortlessly elegant look for your daily use.

Lara Skirt

Last but not least, we present you an ever-lasting epitome of elegance called the Lara Skirt. Available in White and Nude, it certainly makes your life a whole lot easier by being the number one pick for gatherings. With a daring cut out along the thighs and decorative buttons, all you need to find is a good top and heels; then, you’re good to go!

Wanna know more about all-thing-linen? Browse through our options and don’t forget to add it in your cart!

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