Your Quick Go-To Wardrobe Essentials To Fill Your Closet

Not everyone can have a cozy Monday morning such as a warm cup of coffee to start the day. When your tight schedules start at 7 am, the last thing you want to worry about is contemplating what you’d wear.

Basic wear helps bring your outfit together without wasting time. While the trends come and go, these sustainable wardrobe essentials can help you keep up!

  1. Button-Up Top

Although basic shirts like tees are commonly necessary to have, button-up tops can be a better option when you appear on special occasions such as meetings, meetups, or maybe just casual office days. Our Adel Top will be a proper choice to go to. 



Rainy days can be a rush too, and there is little time to think about what warms you up without too much layer on your body. Knits come to help. You can pair out a knit sweater with a dress underneath or a cute top with a knit bottom. The Kai Sweater in Beige is a cute off-shoulder knit sweater with cross detailing that keeps you from being under the weather.


     3. Pants


The most must-have item as a wardrobe essential is pants. Aside from being easy to pair with, pants with basic color will be helpful to add a little more proportion. Put an angle on your body to look taller with our variety of pants. The Pleated Pants in Beige is the perfect basic wear to pair with just about any tops in your wardrobe. We also offer you our Alba Pants, made from TENCEL™, a pair of long voluminous pants with high-waisted details which are suitable for lounging and for being out in the hot summer.





A good choice of accessories can bring your look to perfection. There is a day when you can grab a vest to pair with any top in your closet. Our Lara Vest in White and Black, is a boxed-cut sleeveless vest with buttoned-up detail along the front, will be a voguish choice to make your day. 


     5.Slip Dress

Last but not least, a dress to slip on. Slip dresses are often described as effortless summer dresses. Its thin, flowing fabric and open neckline will give you maximum effect while still being comfortable at the same time. You can also pair it with a white T-shirt, finished off with white sneakers or strappy sandals. Our Lora Slip Dress is specially made to be minimal and easy to wear. 

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