Accentuate Your Figure This Summer (No Bikinis Needed!)

One of the first steps toward self-confidence is learning how to highlight your best characteristics. Every woman has a unique and lovely body type, which fashion can only highlight. Clothing should not be used to conceal your physique, but rather to highlight your attractive traits and boost your confidence. Especially in this warm weather where bikinis are your best friend, you can’t wait to show the world what you’ve been working on for the past few months.

Well, there’s always a catch. There are rumours about the pandemic floating back in, and surely not everyone can have an access to a day at the beach. Thankfully, alternatives are no longer scarce. Finding and emphasising your favourite trait is a fantastic first step in making your dressing up process a bit easier. You can look sleek with whatever you put on.


Want us to prove it? Check out our best-selling outfits along with styling tips to incorporate!


Adel Top in White

The fitted nature of this particular top is already a blessing on its own. It highlights your shoulder and waist, giving that natural hourglass a way to shine.


Imani Crochet Top 

Needless to say, crochets are cultural blessings of women. The triangular end of this top gives off an instant slimming effect. Not to mention – it is cute, too!


Caro Knit Pants in Brown

Darker colour in pants is said to be flattering and extensive. The cotton material in these pants are flowy and can drop after giving your waist definition through the drawstrings.

Thea Skirt 

As you can tell, we’re saving the best for the last. This skirt has a naturally enhancing design, and you needn’t think or do much to make it work. Pair it with a fitted long sleeve and you’re done.


What do you think about those outfits? Ready to have a bikini-less summer? Scroll through our catalogue some more and don’t forget to check out these sustainable wonders from your shopping cart!

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