Attire To Make An Impression On Friendship Day

It’s the first Sunday of August, a heartwarming day to celebrate with all your loved ones. Happy Friendship Day to people all over the world! Friendship day is a chance for all of us to cherish every relationship we have or simply start making new friends. 

On this very special day, start the day to get in touch with some old friends. Catch up with your current pals and do amusing things together as the day goes by! Doing all of these will keep your social energy high which will be a benefit for you. 

Friendship day doesn’t only mean catching up with friends but also having another purpose: making new friends. Oftentimes our appearance makes the first impression. The way we dress and how the outfits hug our body will determine our look, even what kind of a person we are. Wear something that will spark a conversation whenever you walk into the room. Let the outfit speak and intrigue other people to interact with you–an approach to gaining new friends!

Here we offer you these conversation starter outfits that gain you a friendly ‘hey’ from a lovely stranger.

  1. Bastina Crop Top

This top will definitely secure the gaze of every stranger around you. The puffed sleeves and strap details across the chest will execute a stunning look on you. 



   2.Maya Tied Midi Skirt

Our Maya Skirt simply perfects your chic look, sparking a certain aura from you and unquestionably speaking by itself to statement your look.



   3.Thea Top


Our Thea Top, made from TENCEL™, is a perfect blend of cool and chic. Exclusively made for lounging, this top makes a strong impression to hang around a new companion.



    4.Thea Skirt

Paired with the previous top, this skirt is undeniably a game-changer! You can expect praises to rain onto you as, “That looks nice on you!” while walking around in this skirt.


PRLA Gives Back!

This month, PRLA is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with LindungiHutan, a special campaign to protect our forest! Buy an item from each PRLA collection and you’ll be planting two mangrove trees to help save our planet. Join the movement now! #PRLALindungiHutan

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