An Interview With The Founders Of PRLA

Environmental-friendly products force natural habits. This process is actually really satisfying to watch. If you buy one recycled Tumbler bottle, you would want to buy metal straws too. After that, you’d be tempted to try out that natural wooden tooth brush and comb. The process of change is like a domino, and there are dozens of ways that we, as awoken people, can utilise this to create a greater good for the universe.

PRLA is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that focuses on creating eco-friendly pieces using natural materials and timeless designs to fulfil the needs of women today. We use ethical manufacturing processes from creation up to packaging in the hope of creating a droplet of change in this fast-paced world. We currently have partnered with several communities, including TENCEL™, to maximise the effort of trying to be 100% natural. 

Let us meet the two founders of PRLA. Joining forces to make a change is not at all easy, but they proved otherwise. One is a massive fashionista, graduating from years of hard work from a college of fashion towards becoming our first and utmost sustainable warrior. While the other, a quality businessperson with years of experience in the garment field, acts as the needle in the store’s thread. Together, they built this empire called ethical fashion in the country where this concept is still not as widespread, Indonesia.

“Waste is my main concern,” they said. Sure enough, the problems in the fashion region have more layers than the Earth. But, one of the main and visible points is how waste is affecting Earth itself. Imagine how many pieces of clothing are made to be thrown away every day. This industry is full of quickness and often presents bulk over worth. We prevent this by choosing natural raw materials so that what we build will come back to its home. For example, TENCEL™ is made of wood fibres, so once disposed of, it will again become a resource to rebuild. Thus, no additional harm is made.

A fashion brand can be ethical when it comes to human rights but not sustainable with its fabrics and environmental practices. A brand can also be sustainable and completely disregard human rights,” says The Green Hub Online.

Another thing that’s often overlooked because of the somewhat invisible effect is wages. Being ethical means being responsible for both what you produce and who you make it work by. We make sure that everyone involved in the building of PRLA is paid fairly. If our workers are happy and fulfilled, then so are we. It’s not always about profit; business also means people.

We aspire to be a representative both for ethical and sustainable fashion and our country. This is not just any marketing scheme, but we ourselves do use sustainable materials in our daily lives. With just several people, we are already making a huge change. We hope to inspire people in making informed and mature decisions by taking the environment into account every time.

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