What Sustainability Really Looks Like: TENCEL™️

When we think of something ethical and sustainable towards the environment, we feel eager to support it more. But sometimes, getting to that point requires so much effort that we get tired of it before even starting out. Even with clothing items, some of us still hold the prejudice that something being eco-friendly means uncomfortable.

Let us put it this way for you: This is a modern world. We even remember seeing an alternative option for vegan followers, where hamburgers are made of plant-based materials. Nothing is impossible, and with a more in-depth research, you will find that tons of organisations have already contributed so much thinking into producing the best ever quality items for us.

Introducing one of them, which is also collaborating with PRLA, TENCEL™️! Tencel uses less harmful chemicals that are also recycled throughout production, producing very little waste. It also makes use of wood from trees in forests that are obtained ethically. Of course, most of you would already have understood the meaning of sustainability. It is a continuous process whose cycle never ends. That’s why we try our best in making clothing designs that are timeless and can last you a lifetime. 

The suppleness of TENCEL™️ is what really sets it apart from your basic fabrics. In fact, in a recent blind comparison held by Good Housekeeping, their panel of consumer testers scored the 100% Tencel lyocell sheet set from Nest Bedding as being softer than all of the cotton or cotton-blend sheets it came up against.

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TENCEL™️ fabric also has excellent drape, is wrinkle-resistant, and holds dye well, producing brilliant colours. Additionally, it is breathable and controls moisture, which aids in controlling body temperature. It is particularly well-liked by sustainable clothing businesses as a result of these properties. Due to it being so soft, in lounge or evening wear is where you'll most often find it.

Honestly speaking, if you still have any doubts, think of it as a ‘Buy One, Get Two’ option. By opting for a TENCEL™️ product in our store, specifically, you will be able to donate two mangrove trees to a local preservation land in Bali, Indonesia. Through that, feeling good about it will be an awesome bonus.

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On that note, don’t hesitate to check out our sustainable clothing line and ask any questions through the pop-up chat room on our website!