Slow Fashion: The Effort And Ways To Make It Happen

The fast pace of fashion, the timeless yet difficult industry, has been regrettably manifested throughout these years. Product waste that occurs due to the undemanding way of purchase has led to yet another phase of horror. With every inch of fabric being thrown out, another inch of humanity exposes itself into jeopardy.

Children, families, home; the labor and force they go through. Garment workers all around the world proves this point. Factory water discharges all over the once pure source of living, the rivers all around India and China. Clothing lines with stores all over the world massively produce, and yet time easily banishes the hard work that comes with it.

According to Forbes, referring to their interview with Kristi Soomer, slow fashion is an approach to producing clothing which takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain and in doing so, aims to respect people, the environment, and animals. Through this, it can also be defined as an act of spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece of apparel is quality made.

An action that our brand, PRLA, is trying to achieve amends around sustainable clothing. This is an effort which assembles integrity and justice within the fashion industry. There are countless new brands that are trying to make a change that focuses on the liberation of art and the duty of maintaining a bond with what the universe provided. A few tips to contribute to this movement are as follows.

Don’t Throw, Make It Last

The simplest, yet most misunderstood conception of sustainability. People try to acquire stuff from brands with amazing values, yet they can’t see the chances around their own household. Did you know that a lot of influencers have been making DIY customs of clothing from things we couldn’t even imagine, like pillow covers?

Choose To Match

When you rummage through your drawers and can’t seem to find anything that matches your yellow top, you know it’s time to alter. Keep a few pairs of pants, skirts, and overalls that goes with everything. Go for the quality over quantity; observe an article and see if it could be worn likely over 20 times.

Be The Change

A bunch of countries have already solicited the eco-friendly move. Give out your unwanted outfit to those in need, play a part in your local fundraising communities – and most important of all, do it with a mindset that spreads out a ray of hope.

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