Outfits And Essentials That Match The Forest Ambiance

Through social media, we noticed that a lot of people are going hiking nowadays. It makes sense – the weather is just transitioning from hot to warm, and fallen leaves are creating a perfect scenery. Especially at this time that a few tourist attractions are opening up, and it being a holiday season, there’s no more thinking needed. But, if you want to visit nature, you might be wondering how to properly prepare for your vacation other than what to wear there.

Opting on either the men's or women's long-sleeve, quick-dry shirts will aid in keeping you warm and removing any sweat from your body. These shirts are especially useful while camping because they may help you maintain a normal temperature and layer up quickly and conveniently. Knitted materials can help you stay warm after a trek or as the sun sets and cooler weather arrives, even though they aren't the best options for hiking itself.

We will review the finest sustainable clothing options for nature below, along with some tips and must-have items to consider.

  1. Lana Knit Pants in White

As we said before, warmth is the key. The Lana Knit Pants in White, a no-brainer considering its name, is made of a knitted pattern that carries versatility in any weather. Pair it with the ever favourite Adel Top in White and be one with the wind.



    2.Stella Set


If you are going for a simpler trip to the park or your local mangrove visiting spot, try this fit. Stella Set is made of linen, so don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable or hot under the sun. Yet another white colour to brighten up your day. 


  3.Dani Set 

Next up is also an all-time favourite called the Dani Set. It consists of a long-sleeved crop top and linen midi skirt designed for your convenience. Not to mention, it is also thick, so don’t hesitate to be stylish and feel secure at the same time.



  4.Thea Top

What else could be the way of getting back to nature other than actually wearing it? Our Thea Top is made of wood fibre, literally. We collaborate with TENCELTM to make bio-friendly clothing that can go back and decompose in nature.


To add onto this fun, we are absolutely happy to announce that we’ll be collaborating with LindungiHutan, an Indonesian organisation aiming to conserve nature by planting trees. With every product you purchase, you’ll be planting two trees. So, what are you waiting for? Join in and be an ethical warrior!

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