Sustainable Wedding Dresses Eco-Conscious Brides Will Love!

Much like the character Monica from Friends, most of us have probably planned our wedding since little – outfits, settings, literally everything you could fit into a binder. Wedding dresses are the most expensive garment many women will ever own, so the pressure is definitely on while picking and shopping for the perfect match.

It’s like a whole new world. Sequins, linen, and whatnot, for someone who’s never even tried on a wedding dress. Moreover, people these days have multiple parties that require an outfit change every five seconds. Our sustainable warriors are probably concerned by this heavy unsaid rule. We’re here to say that you could still have a dreamy or homey dress with minimal budget and a larger look into saving the environment. No matter your budget or personal style, these affordable, eco-friendly wedding dresses are going to slip into your cart soon.


Our first product is the Gala Dress. It is a majestic wedding dress whose design you would often see in movies. The unique cut out detailing on the front leaves some air to breathe and leaves room for trendiness. Not to forget the high slit over the knees, it almost seems like a dream to say that this whole fit costs only $169.99!


Next up, we have a simple, elegant wear called the Lora Slip Dress. With cuts as simple as those of in this dress, it would perfectly match a home or beach-themed wedding. It is minimal and easy to wear, which is the ultimate sustainability step because you could wear it all the time. This light dress stays at a rate of $189.99.


Last but not least is our Ines Midi Dress. This is a more modern type of dress, perfect for after parties or post-wedding gatherings. It is breezy with a four-side cut out detail up front. The length is also enough to give you room for tall, fashionable heels. Again, it is practical as you could use it for years after the wedding with a price of $105.00.


We would like to conclude our wedding dress recommendations with a quote that goes, “The party doesn’t start until the bride walks in.” Shine and sign up for $15 off your first purchase at PRLA!