PRLA, Collaborating With LindungiHutan, Will Bring New Life

A world more connected with nature.


That’s what most of us, though difficult, aim for. Nearly all of the Earth’s land is colonised by us humans. These few decades have been just us continuously leaving traces of waste rather than maintaining what’s important. Forests were built to be cropped, while buildings stood to last. This is an absolutely horrifying manner in protecting Mother Nature, because living things, even as little as plants, act as a breathing system in the vast corners of the Earth.

With that note, the solution actually comes by easily. Reviving what we couldn’t protect is step one; and by that, we mean trees. The simple act of putting something on the ground actually comes with a cost. Great care is always required, so not many people really put their energy and time for it in the long run. Thankfully, lots of deserving organisations are putting our thoughts into action.

Starting this August, PRLA will be collaborating with LindungiHutan with the campaign title ‘PRLA Gives Back’. Meaning, with every purchase of our products, we will donate two mangrove trees. This is a win-win action for either us, our buyers, or LindungiHutan themselves. But first, you need to understand the main points of why we chose them as our partner in maintaining ethical fashion development.


Directly quoting from LindungiHutan, here is the list of programs and efforts we strive for in maintaining this amazing process of reviving the Earth.

“Greening Campaign”

Bringing news from the forest and then trying to be a solution by inviting the whole community to participate in a campaign in the area. Their goal is to support and help each other for the sake of the preservation of nature.


“Forest Monitoring”

The reforestation process is not completed only by planting trees, but the next process is no less important. Crops need to be cared for by partner farmers and communities. Forest development results are reported and accessible via the site and with Internet Of Things and GIS technology.


“Education and Socialisation”

Knowledge and information are the basis for taking steps. We publish information through social media and this site. Also, to grow love for nature more, we hold seminars with volunteers and nature's friends.


“Farmer Empowerment”

Their partners are farmers and communities around the forest. Those farmers provide seeds and make a living around the forest. They have a choice between staying in the forest and protecting the ecosystem or leaving the forest; or worse, destroying the forest. We help them stay empowered without cutting down.

By simply clicking buy and shopping like you used to, you could make a difference by giving like for two new seedlings. What are you waiting for, sustainable warriors?

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