Catchy August Tunes To Incorporate With Your Fit

Music resembles the beliefs that we stand for. Almost all of our lives are colonized by melodies and beats people think of as an escape. For once, we don’t really understand why this year’s hit songs are all so sad. Maybe it’s just the weather. Well, anyways, it’s all still a bop. Are you a Swiftie, or perhaps, a K-Pop fan?

This time, we are back with our very own playlist for you to listen and consider when buying our sustainable products. Listening to songs in general transports our mood into a different world. That’s the reason why picking the right tune as well as clothes are both so crucial. In this case, you’ll get even more eager knowing that with every purchase, we will donate two trees through LindungiHutan!


So, search no more, for we are here to present our top three popular picks as well as our latest wardrobe collections to spice up your pumpkin latte with!



“But I can see us lost in the memory

August slipped away into a moment in time

'Cause it was never mine”

We cannot speak music without Taylor Swift. This month, she released another top hit titled ‘august’, which as usual tells a deep story about a girl in love. To maintain that innocent feeling, we decided to go with our Cara Top


“She'd take the world off my shoulders

If it was ever hard to move

She'd turn the rain to a rainbow”

Joji, again, came back with a hit. ‘Glimpse of Us’ hit so many charts that various countries, including ours, are mad over this song. It portrays the feeling of being with someone and thinking about their old lover. With that sad tone, we recommend the Lora Slip Dress



“Did you know you're the one that got away?

And even now, baby, I'm still not okay

Did you know that my dreams, they're all the same

Every time I close my eyes?”

To be honest, this was totally unexpected. The collaboration between Charlie Puth and BTS’ Jungkook produced a solid hit called ‘Left and Right’. Though the song itself has happy beats, its lyrics actually portrays the beautiful agony of confusion. Kai Sweater in Beige goes with it. 


Happy listening, and happy shopping!

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