Sustainable Reasons Of Why You Should Do More Vintage Shopping

Nowadays, as the fashion trend keeps on moving, a way of style has been keeping up on its own. You can never leave out the timeless, vintage, and retro way of dressing because, in the end, the reality is we still obsess over classic concepts–hence comes the thrifting ideas. Here’s why.

Vintage clothing is often found durable because they are designed with the importance of longevity rather than keeping up with the trend. Long-lasting fabrics like tartan, velvet, and denim are familiar in the world of vintage. They still come in skirts, dresses or pants these days. Intriguing enough, those old pieces still fit the art of mix-and-match. So there is no reason to be confused as to why your grandmother always wears the same fits; cause they’re still okay!

Also, shopping for vintage clothes means more rare pieces to find. While fast fashion only relies on what’s trendy at the moment, surfing the racks in a thrift shop can help you find more distinct pieces that make you stand out in the crowd. It also makes you create more varieties in your closet as well.

Another reason to shop for vintage is higher quality for a lower price. Many shoppers are satisfied with high-quality old pieces with low prices and a timeless look as a plus point! 

Buying vintage is a way to avoid fast fashion too. Step away from clothes made of fabrics that damage the environment by choosing more upcycled and sustainable pieces, and vintage clothing is one of them. Luckily, more and more brands are aware of sustainability, and it becomes a priority for most buyers too. As another option, you can also choose our ethical and sustainable pieces that support natural crisis reduction, such as our TENCEL™ collections!

PRLA Gives Back!

As of the 1st of August, PRLA collaborates with LindungiHutan (Protect the Forest), a campaign created to support sustainable development by restoring mangroves trees at Benoa Bay, Bali. What’s the deal? By purchasing a piece from each PRLA collection, you are planting two trees as a contribution. Join the movement now! #PRLALindungiHutan

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