Buying And Donating In A Package Has Never Been Easier

Some might feel that social media is taking what we used to have offline away. Sure, a lot of us spend so much time on our gadgets that sometimes, our own phone tells us to take a break through notifications. From entertainment, leisure, up to something as serious as school or work, we are dominated by the online world.

Theoretically, shopping on websites like Amazon should be quicker and simpler than before. The simple fact that we have so many options at our disposal causes us to buy more frequently. But, while surfing eCommerce websites may seem like a waste of time, it also presents a great opportunity to donate to worthwhile causes.

Raise your hand if you didn’t already know that through buying, you can literally save a planet? #PRLALindungiHutan is a power movement created by us and LindungiHutan, in a sense that with every purchase of our product, we will donate two mangrove trees to a conservation land in Bali called Teluk Benoa.

With that in mind, here are some of our topmost sustainable collections for you to consider!


Lara Skirt in White


So sleek and sexy. Lara Skirt in White, also available in Nude, is the type of skirt you’d see in gatherings and parties with tons of buddies surrounding it. 


Kaio Top in Black 

Summer doesn’t mean that you should only wear bright colours. This cotton wonder gives you a perfect cut off on the shoulders to make it breezier while still maintaining class.


Roma Dress

Last but not least, something that will make you feel two personalities. With a little tie-on detail up front, you need not other than a pair of shoes to complete your look.

Like what LindungiHutan said, one tree equals a million lives. Shop ethically starting now!

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