Playing Mix And Match With These Ethical, Cute Pieces

The art of mixing and matching is a skill to hone in the fashion world. It can be challenging, but pairing different items from your closet will get easier to adjust time by time. 

Sometimes, we might feel so confused about how to make our clothes work. Most of the time, the reason was the random clothes we bought while shopping. Only then did we realize how beneficial it can be to put together basic clothes to pair with, or clothes in colors that are easier to match.

Browsing some tips and tricks to boost this skill, like the color wheel and mixing theories, could help. Moreover, making outfits also takes practice. Our ethical pieces come in neutral colors like white, beige, nude, and black! Here are some cute and lovely outfit pieces you can play with:


  1. What comes to your mind when looking at our knitted Adel Top in White?

The Lana Knit Pants in White is the soulmate bottom of this top, as you can see. Pair them together, and you have a day-to-night outfit with maximum comfort to brighten up your day.


On the other side, our Pleated Pants in Beige can be a companion to the previous pair. This attractive pants, paired with the top together, is a perfect fit for a business casual look. Staying fabulous at work could never be easier!


  1. The Lara Skirt in White needs its significant other! What would you choose?

The lovely Imani Crochet Top is our handmade masterpiece that brings perfection to the midi skirt. Put them together to create a whole earth-tone outfit look and jump into the fashion trend pool!

Our ruched bikini-like Dalila Top is another ultimate player in this game! Pair it with the midi skirt to get a flattering summer look for a day on the beach!


  1. Our Ava Highwaisted Pants is an ace for a chic look. What would you pair it with? 


Black is always an option. Either our puffed sleeves Bastina Crop Top or the one true pair of this pants, the Ava Crop Top. Both crop tops are perfect for pulling off an all-black outfit of the day, you decide!

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