The Ultimate Dresscode For Fall Vacation Wear: The Kai Set & Sweater

Vacation does not only exist in summer. Exposure to sunbeam and tanning cream are not the only factors that determine your holiday. In the season of falling red leaves and burning wood, we can also enjoy our own quality time away from home.

There are plenty of things you can do during fall: sightseeing, bathing in hot springs, hiking in the mountains, and others according to your interest! It will take a few plans of where to go, before packing your suitcase and leaving. Planning your luggage might need a little help since the season changed.

Your travel outfits can be a bit confusing since the temperature drops. Your summer attires are already kept for next year and you prefer not to wear the same fall vacation clothing from last year on the very special days with your loved ones! Don’t worry, these exceptional pieces are going to be perfect for your lovely vacation days.

When the temperature drops as the weather prepare for what’s coming in winter, this cute sweater suits fall very much as it comes in the color of fall: beige brown. The warm and neutral color makes it fit any kind of bottom in your closet. Our trendy Kai Sweater in Beige has an off-shoulder look that never makes you out of style, and the cross detailing leaves you any other options to pair underneath the sweater–like t-shirts or a turtleneck!

The moment you put on this lovely set, that’s when your high-quality vacation starts. The Kai Set, available in Brown and White, comes with a knitted slip dress and a cute outer. Imagine wearing this on a cold night at a glamping site, with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallow near the cozy fire! Staying warm can never be more stylish with this cute set.

Take your time and relax. Unwind a little bit before continuing life is the key to a perfectly balanced life. Our items are proudly presented for you to have a blast with your look every day.

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