Walk Your Dog To The Park In These Cute Casual Outfits!

Dogs are man’s best friend–a truthful fact. They are loyal companions and are our source of happiness. International Dog Day is a special day to appreciate the love and value that dogs bring to our lives and to raise awareness of adoption.

Having a dog as a pet or not, we’re all happy for the cute furry creature’s existence. They bring peace, make us happy, and cheer us up on a bad day. No matter the shapes, sizes, and breeds, they never fail to make us entertained. Even a video of a cute puppy in less than thirty seconds can make your day!

The day is also perfect for paw parents to spend time with their four-legged babies. Whether baking pet-friendly cookies, or an all-day cuddle session and letting your dog shop their heart out at the pet shop, you can make the most of the special day by doing anything that makes their heart content. A classic idea is spending time at the dog park! Imagine their tail wagging at the sound of ‘walkie’, and ‘to the park, shall we go?’.

A beautiful day in the dog park should be completed with a good sense of style. Here are our best picks for you!

1. Casual Gaia Shirt

A shirt is essential to wear on a park date. Simply casual and easy to pair is the reason why most people prefer to put on a shirt in warm and cozy weather–like summer. Let’s elevate your casual summer look with our Gaia Shirt which comes in White and Beige!

2. A Pair of Knits

A pair of soulmates created just for you! Our high-quality Adel Top and Lana Knitted Pants in White are perfect for either rainy or warm seasons like summer.

3. Adorable Imani Crochet Top

Our handmade crochet top will top off your day. Giving you a cute casual look, pair the Imani Crochet Top with denim shorts and post hundreds of adorable selfies with your fur friends!

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