Living Eco-Conscious Has Never Been This Stylish: The TENCEL™️

As humans evolve, it's no wonder that more damage is happening to nature. Our decreasing natural wealth and endless waste make us feel even more compelled to make changes. Hence many green movements are made to generate significant habits–environment sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The fashion world has become more aware of this matter, and it’s such a pat on the back to see how the industry has expressed an interest in producing more sustainable products. We are manifesting in this movement, too. Our TENCEL™ collection proves this right.

Why do we choose TENCEL™? Besides being produced from sustainably sourced wood, TENCEL™ textiles are processed responsibly for the environment. This fabric is so versatile that it comes in various items other than garments like bed sheets and rugs. It also absorbs moisture 50% better than cotton, making it breathable and pleasant to the skin. Needless to say, our TENCEL™ clothing builds on our name as an ethical brand.

What’s another reason why the TENCEL™ could be the route towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle? One exact thing: it makes durable, longlasting garments. That means no more textile waste destroying our natural resources and more money to save than spend on cheap-quality clothes.

One more thing to know is being sustainable doesn’t always mean getting away from the trends. You can express your sense of style while at the same time supporting the green lifestyle. Take a great look at our Thea Top and Skirt. Imagine how captivating you will be in this set. The tie details on the front help accentuate your waist, giving a stunning chic look to color your summer days.

Without exception, Our Alba Top and Pants are here to adorn your warm days. You can’t help but focus on how the pieces compliment each other and are perfect for lounging and any casual brunch on the remaining warm days!

As another approach to building a sustainable environment for a better future, we are doing a campaign called ‘PRLA gives back’ with LindungiHutan (protect the forest). It means taking part in restoring mangrove trees to protect biodiversity and provide a sustainable income for local communities.

We are inviting our buyers as well to join the campaign as well. Purchase an item and donate two trees to plant in Benoa Bay, Bali. Don’t miss this cool opportunity, and go check out your cart now!

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