Fashion’s New Dress Code: The Lara Skirt

There are a dozen types of skirt in trend this time of the year – it being windy and warm. As in days of old and new modesty, these drapes are the easiest outfit to put on and off, not to mention the freedom. Wondering what option you should pick for an all-rounder this season? Let us introduce you to a sustainable wonder, Lara Skirt

Midi and pencil? That’s the to-go combo. The Lara Skirt is both bodycon and the perfect length. Carrying a unique flair, this skirt offers a design so versatile that any scenarios would match its fit. It is secured with a tied strap on the waist area to give you extra security and style. The best part is that it comes in two different colours, White and Nude!


Should you think about modernity, this skirt is perfect for an alteration over your personal preference. Introduced centuries ago, slits have apparently been a game changer in the fashion industry and broke prejudices against women. You’d look absolutely ready to look daring and pursue the furthest dream of yours.

Ideas come by like wind. So, don’t worry about running out of motives for using a multi use skirt like this. We have put together a series of styling tips to introduce your wardrobe into brand new possibilities over the Lara Skirt!

Maintaining the balance of your look

The easiest way to keep this in check is by remembering a general thumb rule, “no double-baggy.” Now, as the Lara Skirt is quite definitely tight, you could wear a baggy or slick top with neutral, light colours. Don’t forget to tuck it in for a cleaner look!

Adding in blazers or equivalents

A blazer, cardigan, or jacket can complement the line of your skirt, especially if you’re wearing a fitted top. It also helps in creating a business, expensive vibe to your look. Drape your jacket over your shoulders for the most effortless look.

Picking the right statement

Whether it be shoes, necklaces, or even a belt – don’t let your charm be hidden. Of course, the statement buttons on this skirt already does the work for you, there’s never enough accessories to pair it with. Remember to keep the colour spectrum in line.


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