Outfit Shortcuts For Sustainably Entering Spring

The weather is getting warmer, so it’s time to put away our heavier coats, beanies, and scarves and get ready for some lighter and more colourful clothing. Each and every item in our clothing line focuses on the aspects that lessen environmental impact. It doesn’t kill the joy, as designers find it as a challenge and create even more immaculate product lines for the eco hunters.

So, search no more, as the two keywords – sustainable and spring – are in our dictionary. Sunlight has arrived, and with it the chance to enjoy the outdoors, shake off those winter blues, and get moving while wearing the best outfit ever!


Rumi Set defines spring. Literally. With a sensibly designed top and skirt, it holds a ruffled but elegant feel that'll transform your mood instantly. When you’re going on a trip, this linen wonder is the perfect choice out of any set.


Ava Crop Top offers timeless, minimal, yet chic vibes; with its minimal button closure adding a sophisticated detail that gives your whole garment a modern feel. It’s made to be bustier-like to fall perfectly in place – the ultimate soulmate of Ava High Waisted Pants. All black still means spring!


Knitwear is not just for winter, and the Kai Set proves this theory. It is a pair consisting of a simple dress and knitted outerwear. Totally casual, a colour that reminds you of the coffee shop at dawn. Cotton yarn does wonders in keeping warmth in or out, so it’s weatherly flexible.



Our Bastina Crop Top makes a desirable top, avoiding the ethical and environmental issues that the fashion industry represents. It is made with 100% cotton linen in a safe and ethical environment. To be even more convincing, it has puffy and strap details across the chest!


Simplifying your wardrobe is said to make the dressing process less stressful. And so, choosing sustainable articles need to be in the conversation every season, not just when we’re glued to the current trend and liking of spring.

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