Monsoon Season Won’t Be A Problem If You Ace These Tips

Hi, sustainable warriors!

It’s almost September! The month when summer starts to fade and life uncovers the windy wonder that is autumn. Nothing beats drinking hot chocolate while watching the rain fall outside while sitting by the window. However, the moment you leave your home, the tranquillity disappears.


See, it’s not as easy as we think about in films. Simply an umbrella cannot fix a sudden burst of rain because there will be splatters and heavy wind you need to think about. It can be cold or annoying, so the only way to step up to it is by minding your attire.

Speaking about clothing, it goes without saying that shorts and sundresses are useless in the rainy season. However, despite the fact that it will no longer be sunny, the heat and humidity might still cause excessive perspiration. It is essential to spend money on breathable textiles that can keep you dry and cool in such climatic conditions.

Here are some personal tips as well as outfit recommendations for a versatile wardrobe!

Cotton is your saviour

Cotton is the most dependable and secure fabric for the monsoons. It dries rapidly, is airy, light; it also has a nice appearance. However, picking the proper clothing is just as important as picking the right fabric for your shirt. You’re free to choose tops that can still help you flaunt your charms, such as the Gaia Shirt in White or Bastina Crop Top.


Avoid length

If you like taking walks in the rain, you won't like walking with muddy, damp feet. The monsoon season wants you to have more clothing options that can go with any style but won’t be in the middle of your steps. Try 7/8 length like the Maya Tied Midi Skirt or Ines Midi Dress.  


Don’t forget to accessories

Wear a scarf or outer vest at all times when it's raining during the monsoon. To give it a fashionable appearance, you may also tie it around your neck or waist. This protects your body and hair from a sudden heavy burst – preventing you from catching a cold as well! Lucky for you, we’ve got an outfit that includes a vest already. Introducing you the one and only, Femi Set!


Don’t fret, the rainy season has so much in store for you. The smell of petrichor, drizzles that make you drowsy, and the feeling of joy while stepping on puddles. Clothes can always be altered, but the monsoon sensation will never go!

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