We Combined 5 Outfits To Last You A Week, Even Forever!

Mix-and-matching is a realistic, difficult path we need to pursue once we reach a mature stage. Think about it like this: You have five shirts, seven t-shirts, ten pants, and a couple of dresses. You have just moved out of your parents’ home, and you need to figure out how to make those work for a year that you are a freshman at your college or job.

In this modern era, what you wear defines you. That’s the reason why we can confidently say that being able to build maximum results over very little sources can get you a long way. It means that you are confident, independent, and that your organisational skills will build you into an unbeatable version of yourself.


In that case, we have put together not two, not three, but five pairs of outfits to help you fulfil your needs! Whether it be formal, casual, or straight-up home wear, sustainable pieces are made to be versatile. Don't worry, and keep on scrolling.


Lara Vest + Caro Knit Pants

For a stylish casual fit, pair these together! One is flowy, where the other is warm. It is perfect for this labile autumn weather. Swap out the top or bottom according to that day’s wind, and you’re still good to go. 



Ines Midi Dress

This dress is a one-piece jackpot! You know that feeling when you hate to find an outfit? Our solution is simple: Put on a dress. Simply pair it with boots, add a belt, or go all the way and tuck it into your favourite jeans.

Dita Crochet + Pleated Pants in Beige

This pair screams gatherings. You can rock the cultured art of crochet with these sensible, loose pants to create the perfect balance and taller looking figure. Again, you can always swap the top or bottom to make unlimited use of it.  

Kai Set

A set never goes out of the way. For when you’re out of ideas to pair but still want to look put together, the Kai Set is your saviour. You can either wear the dress on its own, put the outer on a tank top, or many more. 


Cara Top + Rumi Set

Should you want to give an innocent, laid-back feel like what Fridays are supposed to seem like, put these on! Pair the Cara Top with the skirt from Rumi Set, and leave the sleeveless top for another day’s perfect wear.  


So, what are you waiting for? Browse some more and shop sustainably!                  

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