Three Fashion Items That Will Definitely Be Coming Back in Trend

Post-pandemic dressing needs to match this spring-summer extravaganza. Utility with an insanely nostalgic point is what we think would take the interest of millions of dressers worldwide. Ethical decisions toward fashion is ushering a new leap of faith to make everything the new something. “Fashion is reactionary,” said Valerie Steele, the director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, as quoted from The New York Times.

Almost a quarter of this year has passed, and to symbolise it with a grand new opening means picking a complementary attire to be a representative. The future is beginning to look brighter, and we’re going to be dressing the part.

  1.   Homey wedding dresses

Remember how mom jeans were and still a thing? The past is an interesting topic and choice in fashion, because the flame never dries out. Nowadays, weddings are held simply as a celebration of love, especially considering that parties aren’t really an option yet. Graceful picks like the Gala Dress and Lora Slip Dress are the highlight of our wedding edit!



      2.  Boxy oversized t-shirt

Oversized garments shows another side of a woman. She’s stronger, but at the same time, her childlike innocence seeps in. We stand in a multidimensional outfit, and so a boxy oversized t-shirt couldn’t be more perfect! Our Gaia Shirt completely describes this concept. With humongous arm space and the immaculate design,  it’s worth a comeback.




  1.       Crochet tops

Culture is a huge part of where we come from. Having to be so, simplicity shines the most. Crochet tops are typically handled with responsibly-chosen thread, woven with care poured onto every detail. The Imani and Dita Crochet is inspired by the local weaving techniques of Bali, and the cropped diamond design is made to statement your body!




The universe has its own flow, but we know for sure what could never go out of style; a smile on your face!