Ethical Fashion Makes You Beautiful; and PRLA’s Got Proof

The concept of trend is vulnerable, and it provides uncertainty to creators as much as it appoints hope to consumers. We tend to choose to wear and appreciate the fashion world differently. The current fashion trend has nothing to do with the colour palette or pattern, but eco-friendliness. While fighting for it requires a long shot, it’s the effort that counts.

Beauty standards online are off the charts; and we, subconsciously, have been trying to fit in by pointing out the littlest ‘mistakes’ found. Subtly included in every piece of clothing are expectations, what you’re supposed to look like. But let us break it down to you – everyone has strong points, everyone has irreplaceable charms. While the model in a shirt looks cute, you wearing it could make it sexy. Sustainable fashion items are the best at letting the bearer shine.


For example, take a look at our Lara Vest. A simply elegant statement that matches the dress code rule book. Even the simplest shirt underneath would make it pop. These types of clothes are mostly soft and comfy staples that you can pair anything with, one you can wear every day. When you don’t feel like dressing up, this vest is ready to be your saviour!


Utility and sensibility plays the main factor in mix-and-matching, and a sustainably-developed high waisted pants like this reaches the wow factor. Who says that natural clothing can’t look chic? With the bold seams and stitches, a runway is coming your way.


Masculine along with girl boss vibes are most definitely passed with a vintage look so timeless they won’t go in and out of style. The Lara Skirt is like your high school crush, it’s just so right. Button up skirts like this are flexible, whether for parties or just a regular gathering.

Each and every item in our clothing line focuses on the aspects that lessen environmental impact. We hope that you can find your style and feel beautiful in ethical clothing!


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