Words That Come Out: Saving The Universe Through Sustainability

Her delicate, cotton-like fingers swipes through the strings of thread. With a heavy breath contained, she began converting her intentions into words. Full of art, that’s who she becomes as soon as a blank canvas appears.


I am you, you are I. We are ages apart intertwined in a single oxygen circle.

The ruins that you hide to portray beauty, they let show.

Apologies mean nothing but empty gestures by now.

We made this happen.

We let you take the blame for us growing.

Your exquisite flow of oceans, series of trees.

All set to go for a permanent display, of what it used to be.”

Along with the pandemic, a lot of smaller factors have gone unnoticed, though it's slowly building up. Make it sink in that the environment is not going to heal on its own. Let us take a moment to really consider converting our lifestyle. Not one, not two, thousands have already started this action while still keeping intact what culture and trend looks like. But, it is not enough. Our Earth consists of billions, and to spread change, the least we can do is make someone realise.

Compromise is not an option, change is. We are an ethically-awakened fashion brand; and we realise the obligations and responsibilities that follow in building a canvas of dream. We try our best to make the best choices in terms of sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering. To provide you something that could last – your wardrobe and the universe.

PRLA is inspired by the people along with their craftsmanship that is endless and everlasting. Along with huge considerations relating to the product itself, a fair waging system is applied in order to provide better over good in as many aspects that we could reach. We build close relationships with our fellow changemakers to spread our values together, as a team.

This message is brought to you as a mind-awakening call to this empire of sustainability. Next time an option comes up, remember that you can make a choice. Reliving and re-wearing memories are the greatest aspect of clothing, so we hope that our long-term list of hope could promote change.

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