Work Wives Are The Future Of Sustainable Fashion

Feminism is defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary as “an organised effort to give women the same economic, social and political rights as men”. Life consists of choices, and it’s really up to the bearer. Gender-related prejudices have always been an issue regarding this matter. But nowadays, the empowerment that has been roaming around is the availability and reach for women to strive towards their hobbies and career.

As someone whose nature is becoming a supporter of life and solid giver, us women know what’s best for the environment to live in. Transparency, collaboration, and one big aim to reach together; renewing the world through collective effort. It is now a common scenario to find a woman who’s already betrothed working at offices, even heading one, which makes it all worthwhile and demanding in the case of fashion.

The problem is that finding customized yet affordable apparel for the work casual atmosphere can be difficult, especially when it comes to ethically created items that we can feel proud to wear. Thankfully, women have a wide range of options when it comes to professional dress. Pantsuits and skirt suits are ideal, but polished separates and business dresses can also be worn. So, say no more, and find yourself submerged in the gallery of work wives greatness!

Ines Midi Dress: Formal & Chic!



Lara Skirt in White: Fitted & Daring



Lara Vest in Black: Classy & Formal



That’s all for today. Remember, ladies, you rock! To find environmentally-friendly outfits like this, kindly check our catalog and subscribe for $15 off your first purchase.

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